About Us

Our Mission

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Tim and June Navarro - Soloro Vineyard

Long time Oregon/wherever residents June and Tim Navarro founded Soloro Vineyards on a napkin in a restaurant (in 200x or  many years ago), and finally planted their first grapes in (2004).

Their dream was to create a successful and sustainable business while combining their love of all things culinary with a true passion for wine.

Our Story

We started out as a small vineyard, and in fact still known locally as a ’boutique’ producer of fine Rhone varietals.

Countless obstacles and challenges were overcome in putting Soloro together, and for the most part the early days were a blend similar to what it takes to create good wine – a mix of stress, uncertainty, excitement and timing.

The more care and research we devoted to the grapes the better became our chance of producing good wine.

Watching the grapes grow, working through the harvest, connecting with a winemaker with passion all came together. A true love affair with soil and grapes had begun.

Our first barrel tasting was exciting and rewarding. We knew then we had put the right pieces together. The first year our tasting room was open to the public we had only one type of wine for them to sample. Word got out that it was good, and people started coming in and asking, “is this the new  vineyard in the Applegate Valley I heard about?” We realized that our passion was paying off.

In 2005 we received praise for our (——-) this was during our (first second ??—–). We knew we were on the right track, and Soloro Vineyard was founded.

We are proud to say that are now available at (—? local restaurants) as well as (—–???) and that we have won a strong local following.

The Soloro Vineyard Difference

Soloro remains a small, family owned vineyard with forward thinking owners. The Applegate Valley boasts a rich history in the middle of beautiful mountains with green valleys and clean rivers.

We love where we live out here in the country. Our nearby local communities include thriving theatre and music scenes, wilderness tours, and vibrant meeting places for residents in many of the historic neighborhoods.

It is the type of community that comes together to drink wine, celebrate, break bread, lend each other a helping hand or offer one another support in times of need. This sense of community is part of the inspiration behind Soloro Vineyard.

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