Rhone Varietals Grown At Soloro Vineyard

Rhone Varietals of Choice – Grown at Soloro Vineyard on the famous Applegate Wine Trail

Rhone Varietals  grow very well here in the Applegate Valley of southwest Oregon.

We are very proud of the quality of wine already produced from our young vineyard. We expect our Soloro Vineyard to produce award-winning vintages from these grapes as our young vineyard matures.
                                                               – Tim & June Navarro

Syrah (suh-raw)

Syrah is one of the grape varieties associated with the Rhone Valley region of France. The Rhone Valley is famous for using these grapes for creating smooth red wine that has been enjoyed for centuries.

The parent grape is thought to have originated in ancient Persia. Syrah may be the most planted Rhone varietal in the western United States.

In the state of California, depending on location, vintage or fermentation technique, it is used to either produce a spicy, complex wine or a simple wine.

Syrah produces wine with aromas that include smoke, bacon fat, black fruit and crushed rock, with flavors of blueberry, blackberry, black olive and spice, with full body and substantial tannin.

In the cooler regions of Australia a Syrah clone grape is grown successfully and called ‘Shiraz’.

The Petite Sirah, which produces a very dark red, tannic wine judged simple in comparison to the true Rhone Syrah, has no relationship other than the name.

Grenache (grin-awsh)(gruh-NOSH)

A grape variety found widely grown in Spain, (where it is known under the name Garnacha), the south of France and also in California.

Grenache grows very well in the Applegate and Rogue River valleys in southern Oregon because the climate is similar to that of the wine-growing regions of Spain and Portugal, and especially the Rhone River Valleys in France.

It is the main grape used in the red wine blend known as Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and, along with the Mourvedre, Cinsaut and some others, makes good wine blends under the appellation “Cotes du Rhone Villages”.

In the warmer regions of California the Grenache grape tends to produce red wines that are often “hot” due to high alcohol content and with a distinctive orange-colored tint. Grenache is also used to make some of the better rose’ wines of Provence in southern France.

Grenache is the world’s second most-planted wine grape. Grenache produces wine with the aromas of red fruits, licorice and black pepper, with flavors of cherry and spice, good acids and lush texture.

Again, the excellent growing conditions on the hillsides along the Applegate Wine Trail produce quality grapes that turn into superb wine.

Viognier (vee-own-yay)

Semi-classic grape varietal grown in the northern Rhone region of France. Has full, spicy flavors somewhat reminiscent of the Muscat grape and violets.

Vineyards in the warm climate of southern Oregon, especially the Applegate Valley, have grown viognier grapes with great success, and produced excellent viognier wine to the great satisfaction of the Oregon wine community.

Viognier is highly aromatic with notes of peach, apricot and violets. It is full-bodied, with flavors of stone fruit and spice, with moderate to low acidity.

Viognier can vary from almost Riesling-like character to almost Chardonnay character, depending on production method.

Marsanne (mar-sown)

Semi-classic grape used in the traditional white wine blends of the French Hermitage-Rhone region.

With long barrel-aging in the past, these wines used to require about ten years in the bottle before drinking. (The other grape wine used in the Hermitage blend is the Roussanne.)

Marsanne grapes have been found to grow well in the climate of southwest Oregon, the best coming from small vineyards in the Applegate Valley.

Marsanne has gentle, light aromas of herbal tea and honeydew melon, and flovors of honey and sweet spice. Medium body and lingering minerality.

Roussanne (roo-sown)

This grape is also known as Bergeron in the French Savoie region. Semi-classic grape grown in the Hermitage-Rhone and southern Cotes du Rhone region of France.

It has been used in blends, especially with the Marsanne grape, because of its acidity and aroma.

Roussanne has a beautiful golden color in the bottle with a potential to age well. Nutty aromas of rose petal and honeysuckle, tastes of honey and pears, smooth with moderate acidity.

Roussanne, like the other Rhone varietals, has found excellent growing conditions in the Applegate and Rogue River Valleys of southern Oregon.

Grenache Blanc (gruh-NOSH-blonk)

Light and full of summer, Grenache Blanc Has an unusual and enjoyable combination of richness and acidity, with flavors of green apple with lemon and grapefruit that develops nuttiness with age.

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